At a young age Courtney was an artistic kid, her first gallery presentation was at the age of 9. She took separate art classes outside of grade school to feed her thirst for the arts. Early on she had also showed some signs of entrepreneurship. She sold her drawings around the block for a buck! Fast forward to San Francisco Academy of Art University, there she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design.

From suburb to city, east to west coast, Courtney has worked and paid dues to some of the design industry’s notable places such as Apple, Martha Stewart, Spin Magazine, Clinique and Sephora as well as small design studios in the SF area. Now her career reflects her wide range of interests in the art, design, fashion, beauty and tech industries. Courtney has curated 4 live art shows, including Art Unlimited, a collaboration showcase with Fatlace. She has founded, a website that features insight and inspiration for those in the creative and design industry.

The future looks bright, as Courtney continues to grow her design skills, and portfolio. She looks forward to collaborating with the industry’s valuable creative talent.

(bio excerpt from  curating a pop up art event, 2012) 


Snapshot of Courtney's Milestones

Age 7           Courtney's friends mom encourages art classes for the budding artist.

Age 7 - 12     Private art classes.

Age 9           First art gallery in her hometown.

Age 14 - 18    Advanced high school art classes. Junior college art classes.

Age 18          Senior trip to Italy. Florence easily became her favorite city. Giving her every reason to pursue                      the arts as her passion and her career.  

Age 18 - 22   Studied Graphic Design, focused on Swiss Design at San Jose State University. 

Age 22 - 24   Finished her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Academy of Art University, San Francisco. 

Age 24 - 25   First job is at Apple. 

....                  Freelanced at top companies: SPIN, Martha Stewart, Sephora, Estee Lauder...

....                  Landed back in San Francsico working with a boutique agency, Clock Four. 

....                  Present day, working at her first start up at Madison Reed as an Art Director.