SparkLive Post Mortem Recommendations

Virtual Convention Experience Overall:

While the set up and the components we included in virtual convention for the first iteration were great, I believe there were some missed opportunities in terms of the content itself was delivered. Some of this can be addressed by the digital team but some of it is important feedback that has to be relayed to the content teams.

  • The video footage focused only on the speakers – there was no sense of the overall stage (the 3 large screens) or the audience overall. The main keynote with Kylie, the doctors and then Tim, etc. had no footage/view of the audience, the reactions weren’t obvious. In Kylie’s keynote particularly, when she was talking about Pulse and the demos were going on the two side screens, none of that was visible on the livecast which created a very disconnected and confusing experience for anyone watching. Even I was lost, despite the fact that I was heavily involved in the script and presentation design process. 
    • For example, pan out on the audience as a whole, pan in & have a single person's face reaction, another view of the huge stage etc. Multiple view helps paint the picture of being there. 
  • The social feed on the right left a lot to be desired. The vendor’s format cut the images in twitter and instagram in an awkward way so most of the feed was people’s foreheads unless you clicked into the image. Also, it had only 2 tweets/instagrams per page.
    • It would be great to be able to integrate Pinterest-like view of all the image content – coming from Instagram, twitter and even SmugMug with our professional photography.
    • Leveraging the road tripping/getting ready phases of the Consultants – we could have started the live feed of social media when people were getting ready for Convention to build up the excitement.
  • Panoramic photography of the Convention area – for example the panoramic photo Christine took of a Pulse demo is amazing and so powerful.
  • On static Content:
    • Speakers bios. Some folks are known to Consultants but not all, yet all the speakers are people of substance.
    • Social sharing of content – share the photo, video, content, etc. 
    •  Have topics and products mentioned and keyword tagged (example here under the description text)
  • Future suggestions:
    • Hire or assign an influencer and have him/her tell the story of Virtual Convention through his/her eyes. Check out Almost like Snapchat where you are updating and sending clips to an audience "live social feed" with narration. Would be great to get a sneak peek of different levels of the experience "through the eyes of an L1, L5, Lexus, Million Dollar Circle.
    • Integrate Virtual Passport into the site. Integrate Virtual Passport with links to the site for on demand viewing, saving to favorites, etc. 
    • Have consultants at home print out a "cut out", take a picture and participate in a hashtag.
    • With every experience lab, have an area dedicated to collecting user feedback, user questions etc. Perhaps build that experience in after a presentation.

Project Feedback:

Overall, this whole project went very smoothly for how short the timeframe was. Now that we had a taste of how successful Virtual Convention can be and will probably run with it, here is a wish list for smoother execution and designing a 10-times better experience:

  • Clear long term road map and project timeline – including any activities that will need to happen during Convention.
  • Flushed out User Journey and Use Cases which would really help us ensure that details like the video footage I mentioned at the beginning are a part of the main focus and aren’t forgotten or missed opportunities.
  • Getting user feedback from the Virtual Convention attendees so we can ensure an enhanced experience next time around.