SparkLive Team Retrospective


Key take-aways:
Great teamwork and collaboration to produce brand new product in short timeframe:

Quickly iterated on design.
On-the-fly communication.
Quick decisions on what was realistic and what could be applied later.
Smooth on-site execution.
Successfully brought together diverse teams (internal and 3rd party)
Met registration goals
Site looked beautiful
Solid product that hit revenue targets.

Biggest opportunities for improvement is in planning:
Project needed to start earlier.
Needed more structure.
Needed to define/commit key roles early in the project lifecycle.
Needed to lock down requirements earlier.
Needed better editing process/approval.
Needed better communication onsite.
Needed clear and consistent value proposition from beginning.

Ideas for 2016 virtual convention project:
Assign comprehensive project manager at the start.
Have clear value propositions for pre, during, and post-convention timeframes.

Make key decisions early on:
Product/content offering
Content accessibility

Define clear project/product metrics and goals.
Create content strategy that supports messaging.
Create a test plan.
Start project at same time as start overall Convention planning.
Assign dedicated team upfront.
Reduce/eliminate dependence on vendor for analytics,
Get buy in from Consultant leaders.