SparkLive Virtual Convention High Level Feedback and Findings

High Level Analytics & Findings.

Virtual convention views gave SparkLIve a NPS score of 13. Only 38% of viewers are likely to recommend this to a friend. Theres definitely room for improvement in all areas, especially to get more of the viewers. 


Overall feedback…

is that consultants are disappointed by the lack of “further education, training, & instructive content” videos and the price point. Additional pain points include: streaming/buffering videos (frustrated), limited content, limited time-only, on demand content was not up quick enough (editing), other outlets of information help fill in the gaps which was just as useful and paid nothing — such as Facebook & Twitter updates.


Feedback on Content & its lack of education, training, etc.

  “was not beneficial. i joined to have access to the training sessions.”

  "Being able to see the other spinets on demand was nice but I really wanted to see more of the actual convention. I was disappointed."

  "There was a lot of down time and limited options for training. I thought I would see actual breakout sessions but they were pre-recorded. I also was disappointed to not actually see the lab sessions. It was just a video of everyone walking to sessions and interviews. I wanted to see more of the lab experience listed on the agenda."

  "There was virtually no TRAINING in the videos. The most informative session was about the generations but where was the virtual shaving demos, the euromonitor session or anything that was actually training?"

  "I didn't feel there was enough useful content"

  "I enjoyed watching all the live events but I wish there was more! And, if there is an hour set for a live training, please make it the hour (not 15 minutes) and live, not recorded. If I am taking out time from other things to watch live, I would appreciate it to be live."

  "Wanted more relevant content and less fluff coverage."

  "Not what I expected. I expected to be able to learn more and have better access to the programs."

  "Include all sessions for in demand use, provide high level training for others so we can be educated as the LV and above are, if someone chooses."


Current Content

General Sessions was the most favorited content followed by Breakout Sessions. General Sessions fulfill the void of missing out, a stand in prize for not being there (q9 & 10). Breakout sessions comes a close second as consultants are looking for new information to make their business better. All across the board, consultants want more content: Awards Gala, Additional Experience Lab content and Specific Breakout Sessions. More than half of registered users feel that she/he would return back to the site for education purposes (q16, extremely likely & likely combined @ 80%)


What content are you excited to use to build your business? Use Text Analysis for this page (q15)


Feedback on Price:

  “Not sure content amount warrants the price"

  "It was totally not what I expected and I was very disappointed I paid $100 for it! I was expecting more live coverage. I really didn't get anything very beneficial from it."

  "For the price I was very disappointed there was not any live content of the break out sessions and the awards."

  “I felt like the money I paid should have given some type of exclusivity to the home viewers. Instead, I found that most of what was being aired was also being streamed •    "LIVE from Periscope App - for free. Total waste of my $99. Breaking news made it's way to Facebook as it was being announced - nothing special for those of us that paid. Next year, I'll wait for the recap, Sunday night national training call, and info from my team (if I don't go to Convention myself)."

  "My only complaint is that is is not available longer. I paid $100 for it and feel like I should have the benefit of seeing it as often as I want for as long as I want. But, I would definitely want to keep the site up thru the end of the year!!"


Current Price

We have offered this for $99.95, while most felt it should either be free or $49.99 at the most (q8). 


We did a poor job in not educating people in what content she/he is getting for what price and its availability:

  "For example, one session on Saturday was advertised as a 2 hours session, it may have ran for 20 minutes. I would have found it more helpful to have more breakout sessions available to view as well."

  "Some of the sessions on Saturday afternoon were not broadcast, even though they were supposed to be."

  "I loved having access, it would be great to either leave the content up longer, or include more of the breakout (particularly business) sessions. I would have paid more for more of that and less fluff."



Don’t worry, we can treat this as a beta version. There are positives take aways: 


Positives and Success

  “its the next big thing if you can’t be at convention”

  "It was a great way to be there without being there. I got to hear all of the news when my business partners were, which made me feel more in the loop. It is another great way I can be CEO of my company while fitting it into the nooks and crannies of my life!”

  "Easy to use and great clear picture and I could pause and take notes on things I thought were important!"

  "The reminders were my favorite. As I was mobile and traveling I was able to keep track of the sessions that I wanted to see the most."


SPARKLIVE ease of use

91% of users found the site Easy to use. (combined Extremely to Somewhat Easy to Use)

Majority of users were able to navigate throughout the site with ease and found it enjoyable to watch.


  "It was fun to experience the enthusiasm of our great leaders and watch my friends walk across the stage. What I was able to watch made me feel like I was there. I just wish on demand was working!"

  "I'm not that computer or tech saavy and I was able to figure it out, so I feel anyone else would be able as well!"

  "It was straight forward and user friendly. I'm sure the webdesign guys will find some way to improve it though! Perhaps more tablet/phone friendly for next year, or an app for SparkLive for those at home."


Missing Stats: 

User Journey from Google Analytics platform. How are they entering the site? Where are the drop offs (which page along the journey)?

Double check browser info

Double check most popular device 




The road to a more successful outcome

- Lets fix the current pain points: being clear with price points, availability of content, provide flexible viewing options (tiered access) linked to an ongoing platform (edu/training evergreen inventory videos). also mention variable with viewing & buffering depends on data provider in faqs. 

- Lets set it up for success for next year, make road map, set milestones ( & achieve them along the way!), collaborate to make it a better experience for a more robust cross platform team, give ourselves more time to develop a proper product, prep for all use cases (pre, during and post convention).


The most significant take way is that ….consultants are using this as an educational and training platform that truly serves to be a separate product on its own. The current resource, an inventory of PDFs, is not a sufficient resource. Videos prove to be an excellent source of training and education as it is visually and audio engaging. SparkLive could live as a featured event on a permanent home of videos both educational/training and “fluff” (coverage of social events, etc.). It is possible that consultants could pay a 1 time fee for SparkLive content, on demand etc. Consultants would pay a subscription free for each month of viewing video and educational content linked to their on boarding process. 


End Quote page “Very progressive way to build a business, proving it can be done from anywhere."